Privacy, censorship, & security in the news.

Here are a collection of links to articles I have found about privacy, censorship, and securty that are worth a read! I can't possibly write articles covering all the news on these topics, but I can share some good articles from other websites with you here instead. Note that I occasionally find a decent article from a source I can't stand. In this case, I will run the link through "" so I don't send the site in question any traffic.

The World Economic Forum plot to control what people see online

June 29, 2021
"A Big Tech-government coalition to control what people see online."
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DuckDuckGo is now the second most popular search engine in the West

June 29, 2021
"The private search engine is growing fast."
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Skiff is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Docs

June 29, 2021
"Easy collaboration."
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Supreme Court Says You Can’t Sue the Corporation that Wrongly Marked You A Terrorist - Activist Post

June 28, 2021
"TransUnion wrongly and negligently labelled approximately 8,000 people as potential terrorists in its databases, but apparently that's A-OK."
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Netfilter Rootkit Malware Targets the Gaming Community: Microsoft Signs the Driver

June 28, 2021
"A new hit in the gaming industry: a Netfilter rootkit malware poses as a Microsoft-licensed driver. It communicates with Chinese URLs."
#supply-chain attack
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New LinkedIn Data Leak Leaves 700 Million Users Exposed | RestorePrivacy

June 28, 2021
"Data from 700 million LinkedIn users has been put up for sale online, making this one of the largest LinkedIn data leaks to date. After making contact with the seller, we have updated this article with more information, including how the data was obtained and the possible impact on LinkedIn users. Many people trust LinkedIn …"
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Data privacy protection: Biden drags his feet on China, TikTok and Confucius Institutes

June 28, 2021
"The silly dances kids post to TikTok should be the least of their parents’ worries. But they could become a lasting nightmare."
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Read this and you won't click 'I agree' ever again

June 26, 2021
"Most of us know that our personal data is being collected, stored and analysed. But are we really aware of the full extent of the privacy invasions into our daily lives?"
#social media
#Read wont click agree again
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New app wants to get employers to verify workers' vaccine status

June 26, 2021
"Civil liberties pushed aside."
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I spy: are smart doorbells creating a global surveillance network?

June 26, 2021
"They were sold as gadgets that meant you would never miss a delivery. But now doorbell cameras – from Amazon’s Ring to Google’s Nest – are recording our every move"
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#UK civil liberties
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