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Resist "Vaccine Passports"

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There is currently a movement happening across the world that is potentially the most dangerous threat to human freedom ever to occur. Whether you are for or against the COVID jabs, you should be against the idea of carrying digital proof of having received them on your phone. On the surface, most people don’t see the potential harm in having yet another app on their device and another form of identification to show. If you take a little more time to consider the potential consequences at a deeper level, it is a terrifying proposition.

Disclaimer (as I sometimes do)

I won’t refer to the COVID “vaccine” as a vaccine. I will continue to call it a jab, shot, injection, etc. By the traditional definition of the word “vaccine”, it is not a vaccine. We’ve only had conjugate vaccines derived from weakened versions of viruses thus far. I will not dignify what is being passed off as the COVID “vaccines” by categorizing them with actual vaccines. Instead, I recognize they are injections based on an experimental technology meant to provoke an immune system response similar to that of a vaccine. Also, by definition, a vaccine should be very effective against stopping infection and slowing the spread, yet the most “vaccinated” countries in the world currently have the highest rates of infections and hospitalizations. The COVID shots are not vaccines. That said, far be it from me to give you medical advice in any way. Your decision to take this injection is 100% up to you, and questions about it should be directed to your doctor. This post intends to discuss the horrifying potential for abuse, destruction of civil liberties, and reduction of our freedoms, not argue for or against the idea of receiving this series of injections.

As always, I live by the idea of “You do you, and I’ll do me”. I also like to “stay in my lane”, and giving medical advice is several lanes over from my area of expertise! It is my FIRM belief that everyone should be free to choose whether they want the injections. Who am I to tell you not to get one, and who is anyone to tell me I should?

Your Medical History is No One Else’s Business

I’ve had cancer multiple times. I also have an autoimmune disorder that causes my immune system to attack my own body, causing swelling and pain in my lymphatic system and leading to a severe inflammatory response. Don’t worry about me, though. I’m a fighter! I also lift weights 3-4 days a week and do cardio. Couple that with the fact that I eat an incredibly clean diet, and my overall health condition is excellent, all things considered. In fact, for an old dude, I’m kind of jacked!

I just offered that information about my current health status to you. It wasn’t forced or coerced. The bit about having an autoimmune disorder is why I cannot have any of the COVID injections. That and, since having cancer, I'm pretty picky about what I put into my body. Frankly, I don’t want the "vaccine", anyway. The members of my household have all had COVID, and it was never even a little severe for any of us (and the bit about being in shape is likely why). Still, I’m offering this information to you right now. If the world implements vaccine passports across the board, I’ll no longer have the option to choose whether I discuss some of these very personal details about my life.

I’m not alone, either. There are many individuals out there that simply cannot have many kinds of medical treatments for various reasons, and the COVID jabs are not exempt from this. If an employer asks about their vaccine status, they might feel obligated to disclose these details. If a movie theater, bar, or restaurant is checking for vaccine passports at the door, these same people will either have to avoid these places or, if they don’t find out this is happening until they get to the door, feel the need to disclose this information yet again.

Maybe you’re sitting reading this right now knowing you’ve had your 2-3 jabs and thinking “sucks to be you”. Well, why should you be required to prove you’ve had this? Do you have to prove you don’t have a sexually transmitted disease before going on a date? Do you have to prove that you don’t have a nervous system disorder before signing up for a gym membership? Ever been asked if you are at high risk for blood clots before getting onto a plane? No. If you had any of those problems, then those activities would be calculated risks for you. It would be up to you to decide to take part in these things, not the person on the other side of the interaction. Your vaccination status is no different.

Being asked or even forced to disclose this sort of private information isn’t acceptable. It will discourage people with legitimate health issues to either begin avoiding situations where proof of vaccination is required or to find themselves in these sorts of situations from time to time. More than likely, there will be times that people might face conflict once they disclose that they are unvaccinated, even if they have a legitimate reason.

If the Injections are Effective, No One Needs to Know Your Status

Here’s another flaw in the logic behind vaccine passports; if the jabs are effective, then why would anyone ever need to know your status? Think about it. If you have had your shots, then you should be protected. What does proving you’ve had the jabs to anyone actually accomplish? You can still get and spread COVID so it doesn’t tell anyone that you’re some sort of COVID-proof human. From what we seem to know so far, all the shots seem to do is potentially lessen the severity of a COVID infection.

If you’re not jabbed, why should you need to show that in any way? At this point, we’ve had 18+ months for everyone to figure out their feelings about COVID. The folks who haven’t received the jab are no more likely to spread it than the people who have received it. If you haven’t received the jab and still feel comfortable being on a plane, at a concert, etc, then that’s your decision and your business.

The idea that the “unvaxxed” need to protect the “vaxxed” is absurd. Isn’t that what the shot was supposed to do for you? If not, then why get it? If someone who has received the shots is just as likely to spread COVID as someone who hasn’t then who is going to protect from the “vaxxed”? There’s a complete lack of logic here. The mainstream media have done a good job of running interference on the topic, but if you sit down and consider all the conflicting messaging for just a couple of minutes, you’ll likely see what I’m talking about here.

These “Vaccine Passports” are a Slippery Slope to Complete Control of Your Life

All the above content is about medical tyranny, individual liberties, privacy, etc. Those are all valid concerns and worth talking about but are not the biggest threat presented by the idea of digital/vaccine passports. Consider this; everyone has some sort of vaccine passport app on their phone. On the surface, this just seems like a convenient way to carry around your proof of receiving the jabs. Consider the predatory nature of some mobile apps. Do you really think the government would, in any way, sponsor an app or even have an official app on our devices without having access to our GPS location, contacts, calendar, and much more? If Facebook and Google fill their apps up with these permissions to siphon mountains of data off of folks, why wouldn’t the government do the same thing?

Oh, the rabbit hole goes much deeper! They would only use this sort of app for proving you’ve had the COVID jabs for a short while. There are no limits to how far this app would go and what areas of our lives it would invade. Maybe governments decide they want to implement a digital currency and allow people to use the same app as their wallets. Seems pretty darned convenient, doesn’t it? Well, what if they decide that gasoline purchases need to be regulated for the sake of “climate change”. Suddenly, you can’t buy gas at the pump if you’ve gone over your monthly allotment. Maybe it eventually gets used to enforce pointless lockdowns. Did you leave the house and take your phone with you when you were supposed to be locked down? Now a ticket shows up in your mailbox or an officer comes to your front door. You had no choice but to take your phone because you now need it to prove you’ve been jabbed to enter a business and to pay for your purchase.

Censorship is so popular among our tyrannical overlords these days. Maybe the app would also be used to censor your social media posts, text messages, emails, etc so that you don’t spread what they deem “misinformation”. Maybe it is also used to block certain websites and news stories so you aren’t presented with any information that doesn’t fit their narrative?

I believe that our governments have brought the idea of vaccine passports into the spotlight for 2 main reasons:

  1. To coerce the remaining “unvaxxed” to get the jabs
  2. To quickly and easily promote widespread adoption so it can then be used to further control your actions in other ways.

Reality is starting to look a lot like the dystopian futures portrayed in so many sci-fi movies, books, and TV shows. It’s naïve to think that our governments wouldn’t attempt to gain more control over our lives if they mandate having an app on your phone to prove your “vaccination” status. Queue the social credit score next. Before you know it, your Facebook posts will be used against you when applying for a home or car loan. Lastly, why would they stop at COVID vaccinations? There seems to be a strong desire for the world’s governments to continually push profits to big pharma companies. Why stop at COVID jabs? Next thing you know, you’ll be required to get flu shots and prove that you’ve had those too. Don’t believe me? Well, do a quick search and you will find stories about the new mRNA flu vaccines that have been created. Do you think that big pharma DOESN’T want these forced down your throats too? Look into the funding of the FDA and CDC and you’ll find that a large portion of it comes from these big pharma companies. Seems like they might have enough power at this point to make whatever they want into reality.

Let Us Consider Australia for a Moment

Australia is a great example of terrible overreach and abuse of an idea such as a vaccine passport app. In their current state of complete tyranny, the citizens of Australia now have to have a government app on their phones. This app will occasionally ask the user to take a geotagged selfie to prove where they are since they are supposed to be locked down. The app also has the permissions to monitor and change things on devices. Their government can even alter their social media posts and text messages through the app.

Currently, massive protests and demonstrations are happening every day in Australia. They’ve used cameras, mobile apps, and every bit of technology at their disposal to essentially create a prison island. As long as they continue to do a good job of keeping everyone scared and people go along with the tyranny, it will continue to get worse. The only hope the Aussies have at this point is for a massive movement of non-compliance to eventually prove the government’s efforts useless. Until more folks push back, their government seems interested in the continual rollout of tyranny and using lockdowns as a “punishment” when their citizens misbehave.

People outside of Australia need to be taking notes because you better believe your government is. If we let things go this far, there’s little hope for any of us. The primary source of control used by the Australian government is their mobile app. This is what can become of “vaccine passports” if we let it happen. We already have a real-world example of how this sort of app can and WILL be abused by the powers that be.

If You Like Being Free, Resist “Vaccine Passports”

If you enjoy the small amount of freedom you still have, resist “vaccine passports”. These sorts of apps are being used to track, censor, and control every aspect of people's lives. If enough of us refuse to use these apps, we take the power away from our overreaching “leaders”, rendering the app useless. We would also be preventing the creation of a two-tier society where only those that prove they complied are giving tiny bits of their freedom back, but at the cost of complete surveillance, censorship, and control.

We are at what might be called one of the most important moments in human history. The world’s governments are all drunk with power, and they are using a crisis (in this case a pandemic) to further their reach into parts of our lives in which they have no business meddling. Non-compliance is one of the few options we have left.

I’ve also heard people make statements like “I’m older and this isn’t my battle.” Oh yeah? Have kids or grandkids? Do you want them to grow up in a world where they are forced to do whatever the government tells them to do just so they can get on a plane, go to a concert, or eat at a restaurant? This is EVERYONE’S fight. Now is the time that the citizens of this planet need to unite against the tyranny and overreach of our governments to stop the rapid rollout of their new world order. I mean, humans are meant to be free. We’ve only had the illusion of freedom for decades now, but they are quickly taking much of that away at the moment. It’s time to put an end to this gross abuse of power and remind our governments that we are humans, not cattle!

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