Who I Am

I currently work as a software engineer and spent many years working as a corporate IT specialist. In that time, I have seen the need for additional and security and privacy measures in our personal lives as some of the business practices I've seen are enough to give you nightmares! Your data is not as secure as you are led to believe and there is MUCH more of it being collected than you know. It's disgusting.

Note that everything I write about is and will be based on personal experience and research. I have obsessively taken the time over several years to find better apps and services, more secure ways of doing things, and more. I'm not in any way a certifiable expert (if there is such a thing). I'm just somebody who has seen some alarming things in the tech industry and has an elevated level of knowledge and experience with most of these topics.

Why I'm Doing This

I thought up and built this site to help share some of the knowledge I have regarding online privacy and security. In addition, I have recently become much more concerned about privacy myself and have embarked on a journey to improve my own privacy and security measures. The thought was to create a site where I can document my findings and hopefully make it MUCH simpler for other people to discover ways to improve their own privacy and security and spread awareness as to why we should all want to have more privacy online.

Do what you will with the information I provide here. I merely hope to help you become better informed, but ultimately I want everyone to make their own decisions as having privacy online sometimes requires little sacrifices or compromises that people aren't willing to make. The idea is for you to decide what steps you need to take to fit your life. It isn't realistic to think that we should all be wearing the thickest of tinfoil hats all the time!

I am a huge fan of privacy, freedom of speech, and security so I will always be focused on these three things when considering a product or service.

Contact Me

Have a suggestion for a new post or list? Want to discuss a potential business opportunity or sponsorship? Feel free to drop me a line! I'm open to suggestions, feedback, etc.